Nike Move to Zero Block 70
Campaign / Brand Installation



Move to Zero Block 70

Regenerating a community park with 20,000 sneakers

Nike sought to renovate a park and renovation area out of 20,000 recycled sneakers in New Belgrade, Serbia. We were selected for the park design, having previously collaborated with Nike’s Global brand team to generate a cohesive and expressive system for ‘Move to Zero’—Nike’s move towards a zero carbon and zero waste future, to protect the future of sport. 

Our scope of work included the design and renewal of the court design (inspired by Barbara Stauffacher Solomon) children’s playground, bleacher benches, chain link fence, outdoor gym, collection bins, in-store campaign presence and restoration of existing elements. We also designed the collection bins that were distributed around the city and within the local stores which are framed by plinths exhibiting the various stages of upcycling that the sneakers must go through to become surface material for the park. 

Visitors and shoppers can see how the lifecycle of worn-out athletic shoes are given a second chance to perform, then experience their own recycling actions by visiting Block 70 nearby.