Nike Move to Zero
Brand Design



Nike Move to Zero

Creating a vision of zero waste to protect the future of sport

Move to Zero’ is Nike’s initiative towards a zero-carbon and zero-waste future in order to protect the future of sport.
We worked closely with Nike’s global brand team to generate a cohesive and expressive system for an initiative dedicated to confronting the defining issue of our time: the relationship with our planet and its resources. 

Our challenge was to develop an identity with the same principles of reduction, function and responsibility. We looked at reusing Nike's original sunburst logo designed by Nike’s first employee Jeff Johnson and finished by Geoff Hollister in 1976. The mark has since become instantly recognisable as Nike’s ‘Move to Zero’ movement.

We also deconstructed existing components to reduce the identity to its core elements and introduced a diminishing grid system, instilling the principles of ‘Move to Zero’ in its foundation. To highlight the urgency of the project, Nike’s volt green became hazard stripes, reminiscent of the kind used on emergency vehicles.

The system and vision we created for this initiative came to permeate the Nike ecosystem in the coming years.