Nike NXT
Motion Design




Using athlete research to develop experimental studies and visualisations on the human body

NXT - the Nike Exploration Team - approached A&P to create a series of experimental studies to showcase the team’s rich athlete research including speed measurement, motion tracking, environmental monitoring and sensory data, as well as how the NXT team uses this data to inform product innovation.

Over 2 months, we looked at Heightened Sensitivity, Sensory Fields, Environmental Harmony and Articulated Speed, all of which were studies that had their own focus and used different data sets as parameters for the visualisations. We combed through numerous and various rich data sets such as motion capture and environmental data, and came up with a series of experiences that evoked a visceral reaction—a visual ASMR. 

Whilst focusing on data, we also studied how humans connect with their surroundings. Using in-Lab Motion capture data of a yoga cycle we unified this to the environment by connecting the movement of limbs to light sources, ambient light levels and environment hue. In turn, these studies informed and inspired the design team with their product creation.