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House of Innovation

Offering a peek behind the curtain of Nike’s biggest innovation moments

Nike’s House of Innovation in Shanghai needed a revolutionary flagship store concept to give visitors a deeply personalised and digitally-connected shopping experience. 
Our concept for the store was conceived as a means for Nike to reveal more about the tireless, innovative research that goes on within the Nike Sports Research Lab (NSRL).

The science undertaken over decades at the NSRL has given Nike an unparalleled understanding of the athlete in motion and we wanted to showcase this knowledge through a sophisticated, immersive store experience.

We created a flexible graphic system comprising a family of grids combined with bold headline typography, influenced by the work of seminal graphic designer Wim Crouwel. The grids themselves were re-appropriated from the ubiquitous ‘designer cutting mat’ and transformed into new compositions for housing and activating imagery and video. This process served as a shorthand for the iterative creative journey undergone by all Nike products.

Nike’s House of Innovation broke records for footfall and sales during its opening weekend in October 2018. Since completing the initial brand launch for the House of Innovation, we have continued to develop motion content for more product launches at Nike’s New York and Paris branches.