4 Andre Street LDN E8 2FN
EST 2007 #6225749
We are Accept & Proceed.
Actually, we are Accept & Proceed and you.
We partner with visionaries. People who hunger for radical ideas.
People who like radical action. People who don’t flinch at the world we’ve been given to solve.
We work with brands on beauty and change. We design with both the analytic and the aesthetic in mind.
We’re actively embedding ourselves into culture. We don’t wait to create.
We begin zoomed in. We look closely at assumptions and the ordinary, to find the fresh, the counter-intuitive, the bold ideas already deeply entangled with the expected yet hidden.
We zoom out, more entanglement, minds together. The thinkers in our studio syncing with the visionaries who drive brands into the future. We become part of each other’s team.
Zoom out once more. We are, all us, entangled in our time, our environment, the world we have been given to solve. We have a collective responsibility to people and the Earth.
Zoom out one last time. The love you take is equal to the love you make.
Accept & Proceed is a team of designers, strategists, thought leaders and industry innovators based in East London. United by the world we've been given to solve and the future that's ours to invent, we work together to use design as a force for good. Meet the A&P team.

Nick Smith


Alistair Ramage


David Johnston

Founder, CEO

Jess Sutherland


Ella Sutherland

Project Manager

George Fairweather


Fred Ross

Design Director

Alison Haigh

Design Director

Erica Routledge

Operations Director

Janneke Geerts

Project Manager

Talia Ogunyemi

Project Manager

Sally Oldfield

Managing Director

Matthew Jones

Executive Creative Director

Nigel Cottier

Design Director

Stephen Heath

Creative Director

Mark O'Neill


Michelle Dona

Client Partnership Director

Freya Smith


Giorgio Marani


Harry Wakefield


Hong-Ann Nguyen

Project Director

Tamara Hoogeweegen

Creative Strategist

Tom Ive

Working at Accept & Proceed – If you share our vision then have a look at our current open positions here.