Your Move: Nike Gallery
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Your Move: Nike Gallery

Bringing interactive storytelling to the forefront of impact reporting

How can we make this future generation part of impact? 

Aligned with Nike Purpose’s commitment to move the world forward through sport, we wanted to drive positive radical action by showing the impact that our decisions, taken today, will have in our future . We aimed to not only celebrate sport, but also the positive change around sport for young people – our target audience for this project.

Gen-Z’s digital natives wouldn’t naturally engage with Nike’s Impact Report via the normal channels. That’s why making this project resonate with our target audience in a truly meaningful way required a truly unique approach. We wanted to tell future-facing impact stories through the lens of hope and optimism. Through our creative, strategic and design thinking, we challenged ourselves to elevate the digital impact reporting space and create a bespoke Gen-Z-native format – that’s how the digital game ‘Your Move’ came to life. 

Your Move’s interactive and mobile-first narrative represents the diversity of the audience group. Rooted in the pillars of Nike’s impact report – People, Play and Planet – the game brings 3 characters to life: Ines (the People Promoter), Theo (the Climate Champion) and Ivy, (the Active Advocate). Embodying what they would demand of the future, our 3 players gravitate towards different stories and areas of purpose. A vehicle to explore the potential of change, Your Move reminds us that the decisions we make today have an impact in the future and encourages us to imagine a better, healthier and greener future for people, our planet and the sports we love.

A&P Team: Freya Smith, Tom Ive, George Fairweather, Marco Raciti, Stephen Heath, Joana Polonia, Janneke Geerts, Lia Forslund

With Illustration: Max Guther
Digital Design Partner: Ok Deploy (Tomasz Bartosz & Samuel Bassett)