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A holistic brand unifying three distinct ag-tech offers

The rebrand materialises Addium’s commitment to create and secure a better future for producers, the planet and people, using insightful data interpretations that can drive effective change as a vehicle.
With an industry-leading visual language to match Addium’s industry-leading capabilities, the holistic rebrand authored by Accept & Proceed houses three previously distinct products: Aroya, a hardware and software cannabis cultivation platform, Pometa, used for responsible orchard management, and Aqualab, offering food safety and quality control solutions.

Evidence presented by IBM reports that roughly 90% of the data captured by sensors never gets used. At the heart of the new identity is the intersection between tech and humanity: the visual system looks to unveil and bring the complexity of technical data points to life as Addium innovates new ways to gather, explore and analyse previously 'dark' data.

4 Andre Street LDN E8 2FN
EST 2007 #6225749

A&P Team:
Gio Marani
Callum Green
Ally Haigh
Janice Feryn
Marco Raciti
Matthew Jones
Nick Blowey
Michelle Dona
Mark Nelkin

In partnership with Addium and Serviceplan