Brand Design




Reawakening living connections

Seraphic Group is a company founded by Dr. Zach Bush with a unique proposal: the business plans to only exist for a total of 50 years because by then they have either achieved their goal of saving the planet or it is a lost cause. Seraphic Group includes a family of ventures to help achieve their mission, and one of them is ION*Biome.

Through a shared vision for change, we were asked to rebrand their flagship gut health product, Restore. To be sold internationally, it required an ownable name and brand to align with their growth plans. We created the acronym ION* which stands for Intelligence of Nature – our source of both inspiration and healing ingredients. The micro biome is the trillion of tiny microbes that live on and inside our bodies, which this product seeks help. As well as packaging design, we developed a flexible visual system that would allow for future evolutions of product ranges, whilst immediately focusing on digital-first application such as the relaunch of the brand site.