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IBM Sustainability

A powerful product experience made real at IBM’s foremost annual thought-leadership event

As the criticality of understanding, measuring and minimising carbon footprint becomes a regulatory norm for OEMs and Operators, the ability to control, reduce or eliminate in real-time is a very real planetary need. This activation at Think (IBM’s foremost thought-leadership event) tells the story of how decarbonisation products, Envizi and Maximo, create tangible change within the built environment and city infrastructures.

Tangibly communicating the complexity of inter-connected systems, the interaction of hardware and software, environmental constraints and conditions, coupled with degrees of operator control to balance sustainability and profitability, required an interactive experience that engaged potential buyers and users at their level.

Our future-focussed installations modelled highly-likely scenarios and real-life experiences at different scales, exemplifying the power of IBM’s sustainability suite to transform industries through the lens of infrastructure.

Ranging from 3D-printed cityscapes with programmable tabletops, to a browser-based experience that demonstrates the longer-term impact of successfully integrating carbon-reduction management into OEM systems, these activations were unveiled in June 2023 and embarked on a world sales tour, which started in Paris.


IBM Blue Studio

Nick Smith
Nigel Cottier
Matthew Jones
Derya Ermetin
Ella Sutherland
Alistair Ramage
Michele Coralli
Hugo Desjardins
Lia Forslund
John Cross

2LK - Technical, development and experience partner
GPJ - Production partner
Leo Wyatt - Sound design