Brand Identity




Rebranding a climate tech startup
to balance data with purpose

Altruistiq is a climate tech startup, balancing data with purpose. They are committed to improving the sustainability of the world’s largest companies, by creating a platform that enables teams to make decisions based on clear sustainability data measurement, management and exchange. 

It’s a business with a mission: to defend and extend human rights at the nexus of data, technology, law and policy. The issues they address matter to everyone. What does power know about you? What does power want to do with what it knows about you?

We were introduced to Altruistiq by Tom Sharp, who became a core collaborator in defining the language behind the visual identity. The new data rights and consulting agency needed a brand identity that aligned with their meticulous analysis of data, the balance between profit and planet, and the ability to see solutions within data. 

We created an identity system comprising a versatile colour palette, simple typographic system, bespoke image and graphic treatments as well as a series of digital applications that balance ethics and profits - altruism and business - to define Altruistiq.