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Developing graphic systems for advanced apparel engineering

FIT ADV apparel represents Nike’s most advanced apparel engineering developed to give athletes the performance and protection they need for use in extreme weather situations and storm conditions. Nike needed a bold, multi-sensory graphic system to distinguish the set of apparel from hot to cold and other climates uses. 

Working in close partnership with Nike, we developed a weatherized graphic system for use across digital platforms and retail destinations. The system includes atmospheric essence plates that capture the intensity of the three weather conditions as well as a set of graphic patterns that evoke their sensation and movement. We also created a set of bespoke weather data-graphics inspired by meteorological data tracking. The individual elements were woven together in application through a precise, modular layering system.

Once the graphic system was completed, we continued our partnership with Nike’s House of Innovation Team in Paris to art direct, produce and launch our motion content for FIT ADV in store. Customers were able to experience an immersive, digital retail concept capturing different weather conditions from around the world.