Brand Design




Uniting the makers of the world for a heritage workwear brand

From construction workers to artists and skaters, iconic American workwear manufacturer Dickies has had a diverse and loyal following for 100 years now. Armed with a new creative vision and plans to enter new markets, the brand turned to us to evolve its visual identity and ensure it was fit for purpose in the digital world.

We partnered with Dickies to create a dynamic identity which pulls on their rich heritage and places independent makers at the core. Inspired by manufacturing processes, we established a simple yet bold visual language to unite its traditionally separate ‘Workwear’ and ‘Work Inspired’ collections.

We retained the brand’s famous logo, whilst introducing new visual elements such as a boilerplate and expressive variations of the classic ox-collar. In addition, a customisable ticker and colour picking system lends flexibility towards the varied world of featured makers.