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Capturing the nature and sensation of human interaction via a digital device

We created this original web experience for our long standing collaborator Artomatic, one of the UKs most innovative and intelligent print production services.

The site features videos of leading ASMR artist, Emma WhispersRed’s first encounters with some of the key pieces from the Artomatic portfolio filmed using binaural microphones to capture the intricacies of texture and physicality that define the ASMR phenomenon.

More than just a linguistic coincidence, physical sensations have a direct connection with human emotion so ASMR was chosen for its unique ability to induce physiological sensations — usually tingling at the base of the neck — triggered by the intimate sounds of the objects’ textures, shapes and materials.

Throughout its long history, Artomatic has championed a contemporary view of print and its physical, emotional connection with humans in the cold, dispassionate digital age. The new site captures the nature and sensation of human interaction — holding and feeling the tactile power of physical objects… all mediated via a digital device.

Put your headphones on and click here to experience the site for yourself.

Built by
Systems Studio

Emma WhispersRed