A new data rights agency


A new data rights agency

What power knows and what power wants to do with what it knows is a defining issue of our time. 

We’ve created a brand identity for a new data rights and consulting agency. It’s a business with a mission: to defend and extend human rights at the nexus of data, technology, law and policy. The issues they address matter to everyone. What does power know about you? What does power want to do with what it knows about you?

This project was a partnership with Poet & Creative Director, Tom Sharp.
AWO Data Rights


The name and redacted logo was inspired by Richard Brautigan’s 1967 poem ‘All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace’, whilst he was poet-in-residence at Caltech. The poem explores the duality of tech intertwining with society, whether it would create a utopia of freedom or a dystopia of oppression.

The poem presciently grapples with the question of whether tech everywhere will be a utopia or a dystopia. The answer to that of course being, it’s up to us.


Founded by a collective of brilliant minds working at the nexus of data, technology, law and policy – including some of the team who prosecuted Cambridge Analytica – AWO approached us to create their brand.

We developed a workshop and presentation process that mirrored techniques used in surveillance capitalism. A bombardment of projected information. Non-linear lines of thought. A projected fusion of Snowden, Ben Bradlee and Orwell.


Concrete poetry, typewriter art and the relentless scroll of computer code were all influences on AWO’s typographic style. Think of ‘Vite (Fast)’ by Henri Chopin, 1961, or Barrie Tullett’s brilliant ‘Typographic Dante’ crossed with reflections of Python in eyes watching programmes that are watching you right now. Passionately poetic blended with coldly computery. 
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://Think of your data as this...

These ads picked up a D&AD pencil. Data rights is an abstract concept – we know we should have them, but they are difficult to imagine in action. Everything in this brand flows from our naming inspiration, Richard Brautigan’s verse, and our posters are darkly poetic. When writing them we consulted Frazer’s Golden Bough, a classic Victorian study of mythology, to draw from origin stories and archetypes. 

AWO Posters
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A website that does not track you.
Encrypted certifications.
No cookies.
No visitor data collection or analysis.

Working closely with the AWO team we built a static site using Hugo, deployed on Netlify and researched the implications of webfont licenses searching out the foundries that don't require usage tracking.

:// awo.agency
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